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CCTV Eye Camera Manchester

Today a burglary or unauthorised intrusion occurs every 2 minutes and that is not counting robberies, holdups or tiger kidnap. If an intruder attempts to get into your property CCTV Manchester Eye cameras find their existence.

CCTV Manchester Eye cameras will detect intruders, film them and transmit live images to our tracking station of the risk and also the fact of the invasion!

Sirens and flashing lights are other deterrence features of the revolutionary and pro active solution by developing a surprise effect the intruders are driven off!

CCTV Manchester NSI Gold Command Control Centre alerts the police with visual evidence!

The owner(s) of the safe sites are sent the live video via e-mail or to their GSM phone from CCTV Manchester Observation Centre.

In many instances all of this happens before the break in occurs.

Copper theft and lead stripping is on the increase from empty properties, schools and buildings unmanned out of hours.

CCTV Eye Camera Manchester

CCTV Manchester

CCTV Manchester have been developed along with integrators, government agencies, transportation, railroad and utility businesses, police forces, retail, housing, building and commercial organisations.

The Company provides both obvious and covert systems on a sale and lease basis and can provide gear only or a full turnkey program including site surveys, installation, monitoring and response to satisfy our customer’s exact requirements.

CCTV Manchester prides itself on providing unrivalled customer service and focuses on consistent specialized product development to meet its customers changing needs and necessities.