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PTZ Camera Manchester

We can offer PTZ cameras to our clients across Manchester, helping them protect their premises and deter criminals from approaching.

The Bowler range of miniature pan and tilt heads now contains Original, Robust and RX (built-in intelligent interface) models which are accessible in both over the top and side mount settings. Continuous turning variants are accessible for all models in the variety.
Common characteristics include…

Solid lightweight construction: Double procedure heat treated gravitation die cast aluminium casing

Highly reliable with minimal backlash: Precision turned and ground internal parts with ball races on major axes.

PTZ Camera Manchester

Constructed to last: Stainless steel fastenings

Weatherproof: ‘O’ rings and lip seals.

Long usable life: Maintenance free, two year warranty

Mounting plate: Suitable for all little housings

Corrosion resistant finish: Colour options accessible

Regenerative braking:

Bowler Original
The Bowler Original is perfect for most applications which call for a weatherproof, maintenance free, quality streamlined pan and tilt. Easy to install, it features straightforward external limit switch adjustment to 350 journey and regenerative braking.

Bowler RX
The Bowler RX is fitted with an built-in control card so there’s no need for a potentially vunerable external receiver.

Additional attributes include:
RS232 (PC GUI interface provided)
Can be set to 256 addresses
Preset & tour facility
Electronic limit stops
Auxiliary relay outputs for wash, wipe & lights
Power & data output signal for ‘block style’ camera

Bowler Rugged
Both Original and RX models have ruggedised variants to deal with the added forces created when mounted and operated on vehicles in motion. In the sequence of six times stronger than conventional units, the Bowler Rugged has been independently analyzed with a top load of 3.5kg to EN 60068-2-64:2008, Spectrum A.3 Equipment in
wheeled vehicles, Group 2 (the specification for chassis mounted gear).

Continuous spinning
Available for all variations, the Continuous Rotation option features an extruded aluminium column which places the 24 manner slip ring with 4 contacts per band providing all essential cable management and power. There’s some spare capacity within the column which is completely adjustable to allow connector orientation.