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Security Manchester

We offer a full selection of security things aimed at the two wheeled traveller.

Motorcycle theft remains an increasing issue in the United Kingdom. Every year more bikes are stolen, more motorcyclists are inconvenienced and even more cash is spent on anti-theft insurance policies.

As a result we stock a variety of padlock and chains and in regards to security the real test comes from independent scrutiny. Lots of these products have been tested and demonstrated to match or surpass the rigorous standards of independent bodies for example SSF in Sweden, ARTWORK in the Netherlands Sold Secure in the UK and top Motorcycle consumer magazine ‘Ride.’

Sold Secure is an independent, non-profit making organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by analyzing security products. The same methods of attack used by offenders on the road are duplicated by Sold Safe in the appraisal of security products.

The Thatcham Institute for Vehicle Security is recognised by insurers as the UK’s leading tester of vehicle security products. Products with the Thatcham label have been presented to comply with the British Insurance Industry’s criteria for vehicle security- the toughest set of standards ever to be applied to Motor Cycle locks and alarms/immobilisers.

Security Manchester

Physical Security – Traffic Control Access Barriers

We supply and put in a wide selection of access control obstacles to aid the security of your property.

Accessibility barriers are frequently installed in parking areas for aid commanding who enters your company. Access Control security obstacles, offering amazing security for your company. We supply and put in a wide selection of access control obstacles to aid security for your property. Our obstacles are ideal for installation in car parks, where you wish to control accessibility to your business. Card swipes, smart cards or proximity fobs give personnel ease of movement throughout the office and enables you to control which areas are reachable.

  • Automatic, simple to use security solution
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • Quite protected, controlled either using fob, keypad or a swipe card system
  • We offer full design, installation and repair services plus care contracts

Public Address

Whether you are in need of a method to communicate staff statements and play background music, or a zoned public address system to control fire and security alarms, CCTV Manchester can design and plan, and install the system you want.

Working with one of the worlds leading equipment makers [TOA] we can offer a number of the most innovative and economical solutions on the market these days. Our customers include many prestigious offices, restaurants, resorts, sport centres, warehouses, churches, and other public buildings.

Many of the loudspeakers used in the systems we install are made to blend in with interior features, fitting flush with walls and ceilings.

Extreme environment versions are available which can withstand extreme weather, vandalism, fire and even bomb blasts! These systems are invaluable, and often mandatory, for emergency use.

There are, of course, a tremendous range of microphone, loudspeaker and amplification systems to be found in the marketplace these days. CCTV Manchester has the experience and technical knowledge to specify the right goods, and process of installation, to fulfill your individual conditions.

Contact us now and let’s provide you with the alternative, that will really work properly, for you.

In addition, we supply and install induction loop systems, and speech transfer systems for communicating between glass displays etc. Oftentimes, these systems are now required to comply with Disability Discrimination Act regulations.

Contact us now to find out more.

CCTV monitoring Manchester


ANPR (Advanced Number Plate Recognition) software and cameras have been put to use by CCTV installer for many years. Using the very best software and attentively set-up cameras, our ANPR systems were created to function reliably and accurately.

The number plate info and snapshot image are then added automatically to a database. Here, they may be utilized in different ways; to create traffic flow evaluation, recognise unauthorised vehicles or control obstacles.

To be truly effective, ANPR cameras must be able to read international, coloured and personalised number plates at any time of day, in all weather conditions and at different angles. They should also allow for image blur from fast-moving vehicles, obstructions to the plate, for example tow bars, bike racks or mud. Further developments in ANPR now allow the embedding of software in DVRs, resulting in a complete surveillance and vehicle management solution for several applications.

Previous ANPR installations by CCTV installer contain multi-lane traffic analysis and bus lane control, commercial site traffic tracking with impediment control, and car park tracking.