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Security Systems Manchester

CCTV Manchester are the experts in electronic security systems for the commercial and public sector offering the highest quality relaible systems available.

We are among the leading suppliers of Gates, Barriers, Full Height Turnstiles and Half Peak Turntiles.

Automatic Gates

Whether you are looking for slipping gates that need to function in high traffic volumes with demanding security standards and must operate in severe operating states we can provide you with the perfect alternative offering reliable performance all year round.


If you are trying to find a company to supply Traffic Barriers, Bollards or Parking Posts we have a complete range to select from offering everything from extruded aluminium barrier arm barriers with high visibility red reflective striping with arm anything upto arm spans of up to six metres.


We supply and fit Turnstiles with demanding security standards for interior and exterior installations that will function in severe operating conditions. All these are perfect for entry or exit security at unmanned locations as they give maximum security collectively with a strong visual deterrent.

Security systems Manchester

We supply, install and keep all kinds of Canteliver Sliding Gates, Ornamental Swing Gates, Rate Gates (Bi-folding Gates) and Turnstile accessibility systems.

Contact us to learn more about Gates and Turnstile Setup & Maintenance.

Security company Manchester

Door systems

From reducing energy prices and enhancing traffic flow, to creating safer working environments, and naturally, enhancing security, choosing the right door system can make a huge change to your company.

Automatic doors

Automatic opening doors are perfect for a wide array of facilities. Ideal for providing trouble free access to shopping centres, schools and colleges, train stations, restaurants, hospitals, and much more.

  • Sliding – the classic sliding automatic door could be upgraded to include burglar opposition, noise reduction and fire safety.
  • Folding – folding doors are a great alternative for providing limited space environments, for example hallways, where safety would be endangered with a standard door fitting.
  • Curved – curved doors offer aesthetic benefits, to seamlessly blend with a building, whilst offering all the advantages of a conventional automatic door.
  • Automatic swing door – these door systems automatically open and close internal doors and big, hefty externally facing doors.

Automatic doors can be found in a range of choices to fit your organization. They are sometimes hermetically sealed for added noise reduction and heat insulation. Additional safety choices may be contained, like fire and smoke barriers, with built in manual escape paths added for emergency exit procedures. With auto-reverse and safety stopping mechanisms on all automatic doors, these are a safe, CCTV Method method to give entry to your business.

Industrial Doors and Shutters

Industrial doors and shutters provide strength and versatility for a wide selection of commercial applications, from garages, warehouses, delivery storehouses and emergency service stations. With effective opposition from medium to high level security hazards, these can also meet insurance criteria.

Whether steel or aluminium, manual or automatic, insulated or augmented, roller shutters are an effective strategy to stop entry and reduce offense.

  • Sectional overhead doors – ideal for workshops, garages, showrooms, emergency services and warehouses, these enable safe, dependable access whilst remaining energy efficient.
  • Fire Shutters – fire resistant shutters could be used to control a fire until emergency services arrive. Our fire shutters comply with building regulations, fire safety and loss prevention standards.

If you’re interested in a brand new automatic door system, or would like your existing system repaired or maintained, please contact us here or call the Advanced Technology Centre

Steel security doors

Steel security doors are perfect for commericial and residential applications. Made from high tensle steel, complete with an insulated center our steel security doors provide expert resilience and security against theives.

In addition , we provide a collection of A rated steel fire doors.

Our steel security and fire doors offer supurb security and access control options.

  • Shield assets from offenders.
  • Low maintenance security options.
  • Designed to ensure your company is resistant against any break in efforts made to your premises.
  • Compact, space economy security.
  • Economic and long lasting.